Become a social investor

As SIP aims at unlocking social investment capital we would like to encourage active and long-term engagement with our social enterprises. There are various options how you can become a social investor.

Co-investment with SIP grant:
We invite you to get to know our social enterprises and select an organization of your choice for funding or investment.

Sabanci University will provide a SIP grant of between USD 10,000 and USD 20,000 for each engagement irrespective of the type of organization, profit orientation or investment instrument (grant, debt or equity). However, release of SIP grant would depend on you adapting an active venture philanthropy or social investment strategy i.e.:

You will have a close relationship with the investee at both strategic, and if needed operational level (e.g. by taking on board seats, regular);

Your engagement is aimed at strengthening and investing in the entire organization rather than individual projects;

You commit to an engagement of a minimum of 3 years and will help to secure access to potential funders or investors at the end of that period; 

With your investee you will agree on clear performance targets including its impact, business and financing strategy, measurable outcomes and milestones and ensure a system of regular monitoring and evaluation.

If you as an organization or individual would like to have a less active engagement we would also propose options for management your investment in line with the conditions set out above.

Donation to SIP grant fund:
You are also very welcome to make a donation to the SIP grant fund to enable us to attract active social investors.  

Other direct and indirect investment options:
We are also happy to advise you on options for other forms of engagement e.g.
A co-investment strategy with another social investors including one of our graduates of the social investment module
The founding or co-founding of a social investment fund

Please download the "ENGAMENT OPTION DOC." for more information.

Any other ideas for your engagement? We are happy to hear from you.
Please email us at