Reading list


Cetindamar, D. (2014) “Gelişmekte olan Ülkelerde Sosyal Yatırımın Teşvik Edilmesi”, İktisat ve Toplum, 49. (here) (Turkish)


Leadership for social change

Keith Grint, (2008) Wicked Problems and Clumsy Solutions: The Role of Leadership (here).


C. Otto Scharmer, Addressing the Blind Spot of Our Time.

An executive summary of the Theory U: Leading from the Future as It Emerges (here)


IDEO, Human-Centered Design Toolkit.

A free innovation guide for social enterprises and NGOs worldwide


Planning and measuring for social impact

Aspen Institute : A community builders approach to  theory of change  - a practical guide to theory development (here)

Investing for good (2012): The good analyst. Guidelines for measuring and reporting on social impact.

Toniic (2013): Toniic e-guide to impact measurement (for impact investors) (here).


Social entrepreneurship

Achleitner, A. K., Spiess-Knafl, W., Heinecke, A., Schöning, M. and Noble, A. (2011) Social Investment Manual, Technical University of Munich & Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. (here)

UnLtd (2013) Social entrepreneurship awards toolkit (here)

TSRC (2012): Scaling up social enterprises, Working paper 79, Third Sector Research Centre, April 2012. (here)


(Active) Philanthropy

European Venture Philanthropy Association 2011): A guide to venture philanthropy for venture capital and private equity investors. (here)

Martin, M. (2011): Four revolutions in global philanthropy, Working paper 1. 

UBS (2014): Philanthropy Compass. (see here)

Monitor (2012): From blueprint to scale- the case for philanthropy in impact investing., April 2012 (here).

Grantmakers for effective organisations (2013): Smarter Philanthropy for greater impact. Rethinking how grantmakers can support scale. SSIR supplement.


Impact investing

Freireich, J. and Fulton, K. (2009) Investing for Social and Environmental Impact, Monitor Institute. (here)
JP Morgan Social Finance (2014): Spotlight on the Market (here)

World Economic Forum (WEF) (2013) From the Margins to the Mainstream, Switzerland. (here)

World Economic Forum WEF (2013): From Ideas to Practice, pilots to strategy – practical solutions and actionable insights on how to do impact investing (here)


Eco-system and policy

Schwab Foundation (2013): Breaking the binary- policy guide to scaling innovation (here).

Thornley, B., Wood, D., Grace, K. and Sullivant, S. (2011), Impact Investing: A Framework for Policy Design and Analysis, Rockefeller Foundation, US. (here)


On Turkey

Ararat, M., Yurtoglu, B., Suel, E. with Tura, D. (2011) Sustainable investment in Turkey 2010, International Finance Corporation, Washington DC and Ararat, M. Süel, E. and Yurtoğlu, B. (2014) Sustainable investment in Turkey: the case in context - an update, Working Paper, Sabanci University Istanbul. 

Istanbul Bilgi University (2012) Büyüyen kapsayici piyasalar, Türkiye’de Sosyal Girişimcilik Vakaları (Growing Inclusive Markets Social Entrepreneurship Cases in Turkey, available in Turkish only) Istanbul Bilgi University with support by the UNDP IICPSD, Istanbul 2012.


Koenig, A. (2013): What do international impact investors think of Turkey? Istanbul Policy Center, Istanbul, June 2013. (download here)

Koenig, A. (2013): Social Investment: Global Trends and Implications for Turkey, Collection of blog posts Istanbul Policy Center, Istanbul, October 2013 (download here).

König, A. (2013) Social and Green Entrepreneurship Survey in Turkey – Methodology and Findings, Istanbul Policy CenterIstanbul, October 2013.

König, A. (2014) Developing social impact markets in Turkey: Framework for government engagement and review of policy options. Istanbul Policy Center, Istanbul, April 2014 (here)


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