What Happened in SIP 2014?

40 Social Entrepreneurs and 20 Social Investors Joined the Trainings.

30 Hours of Mentorship is Provided.

2 "Mock Pitch"es were Done.

1 Social Impact Day was Organized.

10 Projects were Presented in Social Impact Day.

5 Social Projects got 80.000 TL Award.

1 Alumni got an Investment.

Now We are Looking for Supporters to Organize 2015's Program!

Contact us: sugk@sabanciuniv.edu!

What is SIP?

Join the growing social impact community in Turkey and around the world!

Are you an innovative for-profit or non-profit entrepreneur contributing to societal change (or wishing to do so)? Are you looking for suitable forms of finance, investment and support to take your organization to the next level? Are you a philanthropist or CSR professional looking for ways to make your contribution to society more effective?  Or a business angel, asset manager or manager in a responsible business seeking for opportunities to align your investment and business strategy with your values for generating a more equitable, and sustainable society? Or are you just curious about social investing, planning a career change or looking for a new role in the growing social impact eco-system in Turkey and internationally?  

Sabanci University with support by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation launched the Social Investment Program (SIP). The objectives of the program targeting both entrepreneurs and social investors are to:

INSPIREStimulate ideas for new forms of social change action
Equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully turn their ideas into reality
Build a diverse and strong social investing eco-system in Turkey and connect the SIP participants, mentors and partners with their peers in the global social investing community


Encourage social investing pioneers to design successful social investment vehicles and programs that facilitate the deployment of capital for societal impact in Turkey


– Why a Social Invesment Program in Turkey?

– What Do We Offer?