What will you learn?

The course consists of a Base Training, two Intensive  Training modules (Social Entrepreneurship Track and Social Investment Track), a mock pitch for both tracks as well as an optional participation and pitch during the Social Investment Day.

We will hold two training cycles: the first one on 23/24 May Base Training and 1-3 June for both Intensive Trainings and the second one in October 2014 (dates to be confirmed).

2 days

Objective: Introduction into the social investment eco-system,
systems approach to social change, theory of change and impact

Collaborations in complex systems

Understanding of global social investment landscape

Meet the global players (various)

• Social investment in Turkey: the wider (legal) context

• Understanding social impact

Focus A

2 days


Objective: Support participants with formalizing their business plan, prepare them for accessing funding, investment from social investors and build fruitful partnerships with all stakeholders

Scaling and revenue strategies

Refinement of business and impact model

Financing options:  Grants, debt, equity, hybrid, crowd-funding

Developing a financing plan and strategy

Understanding the (social) investment process

Getting ready for the next steps

Self-presentation and mock pitch

Focus B

2 days

Objective: Understand options and possible instruments to deploy capital for social and environmental impact and develop strategies to increase impact of existing social investment and grant programs. 

Social investing between philanthropy, financial and corporate investing: differences, strategies, investment vehicles and programs

Designing a social investment strategy: key elements and challenges

Pitfalls along the social investment process: Identification of opportunities; screening; valuation; post-investment; portfolio planning; exit strategies.

Developing your own personal action plan and strategy

Getting ready for the next steps

Mock pitch


Half day

All participants of the Intensive Training have the opportunity to develop, prepare and present their business plan or social investment strategy in a pitch to a mock jury and their peers. The preparations for the mock pitch are supported by mentors in tutorial sessions. 


1 day

All participants are invited to the Social Impact Day, an annual learning and networking event held in Istanbul for alumnis, international and local impact investors, promoters and other important players. This year it will take place in November 2014.