Who should attend?

The course is suitable for professionals with a variety of backgrounds and interests:

Non-profit and for profit social entrepreneurs who are committed to take their organization to the next level and are actively looking for social investors and partnerships inside and outside Turkey

• Philanthropists who are looking for increased impact of their social engagement

• Representatives of charitable foundations who whish to increase their exposure to venture philanthropy and develop a new giving strategy

 Financial and investment professionals who would like to explore new target markets, develop new products or develop social investment vehicles.

 Business angels who wish to invest for both social impact and financial returns.

• Executives and senior management of private sector corporations seeking to make impact of their business strategy and learn about corporate impact venturing. 

• Executives from development finance institutions, research companies, government bodies as well as advisors to the sector who would like to offer services and support the newly emerging eco-ssytem.

 Any professional or individual who is attracted by the concept of aligning social motivations with entrepreneurial principles and who wishes to explore opportunities for their future personal career or receive support in developing a business idea in the field of social investment.